This year 2020 we will celebrate Soria Gastronómica again, with the name of International Congress of Mycological Cuisine of Castilla y León, a multidisciplinary event in which gastronomy, mycology, science, business and tourism are put in communication contributing their special vision and knowledge to configure a unique meeting of maximum national and international interest.

The Covid 19 pandemic has forced us to change the forms of celebration, but not the substance, and so in 2020, Soria Gastronómica is transformed into a Virtual Congress in which great professionals of recognized prestige will continue to be present, representatives of various fields of the know, that they will share discussion tables and carry out gastronomic demonstrations with the star product of this congress: the Fungi.

If you are a restaurant professional, chef, gastronomic journalist, marketer of agri-food products, biologist, health professional, tourism professional, hotel or cooking teacher, student, mycologist or a lover of mycology and its environment, you have an appointment in Gastronomic Soria 2020.

In this international congress we will have chefs, scientists, marketers and tourism entrepreneurs from various countries around the world such as France, Portugal, Canada, Mexico, Japan, China, Australia, New Zealand and of course from Spain with representatives from Castilla y León, Aragón , Catalonia, Murcia and the Basque Country.

Take advantage of this new opportunity to learn, enjoy and share knowledge and sensations with the best national and international experts in the world of mushrooms: their recipes, their harmonies, their qualities, their natural environment, their commercialization… all in a virtual congress that is committed to specialization in the fungi world.

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